Divo® the patented hands-free retractable leash.

The system's pure genius


  • Safety:
    Leading Italian Engineer R. Paolo Catena has designed, styled and built DIVO® to solve the risk of your dog's ever dangerous escape from a loose and running lead. No more difficult and antiquated lag time thumb locking designs harming your pet and you. Engineer Catena eliminated this risk with the innovative and genius palm one-push click lead locking system, no more thumb bruising.
  • Pooch's comfort:
    Premiere rachet lead return mechanism, with palm one-push click release and lock options. Swivel head of the handle allows for user's wrist to remain motionless while your pooch is enjoying that annoying kiting from left to right. The lead is tender on your pet's skin (edges are not sharp and hard) without compromising on high strength. The high tenacity polyester is 12ft in length. 
  • User Convenience:
    The puzzle-lock locking system to open the handle and lock the DIVO® to any chair/table leg. The soft handle interior does not compromise furniture while muting any tug noises. The handle is round and large enough to allow user to slide forearm and continue dialing, texting and whatever else hands-free luxury might allow.
  • User Comfort:
     ergonomic handle grip
  • Strength:
    The body is composed of polypropylene infused with fiberglass. Will easily withstand a lift extension of 150kg
  • Just FUN!:
    Finally, brings FUN to walking pooch!


The innovative and genius palm push-click blocking system now allows you to stop the leash from running only by pushing the palm of your hand on the leverage placed on the grip.


Thanks to the leverage positioned on the ergonomic handle, you will only need to close your palm and add pressure on the leverage in order to block the leash from running. The Divo® system designed by brilliant Italian engineer Rocco Paolo Catena, developed after observing the instinctual palm movement we make whenever we want our dog to stop and to get closer to us. Unlocking the leash is even easier: just push again on the leverage with your palm till you hear the “click” and the leash will start running again. Easy!


Divo Locking System Explained

The "puzzle-lock" locking system to open the handle and lock your leash. Simple, practical and safe. At a coffee shop, at a din-din, anywhere you should choose to be with your pooch, now you can have your favorite pet safely next to you. Thanks to Divo® and to its puzzle-lock system you can now easily keep pooch close by. No more knotting the leash around your chair or other weird, unpractical solutions. Simply open the handle and hook it to a chair or to a pole and close the handle. Push the safety button and voilà, pooch will be standing close to you all the time without any worries.


Divo® strived to be the premiere in ingenuity, design and safety. The Divo® braking system coupled with the exceptionally strong leash webbing (just under 12 feet long) certifies Divo® as the choice in retractable dog leashes.


Divo Leash Quality  

Thanks to the round handle you can now insert your forearm through it and free your hands. Thanks to its round shape, you can now insert your forearm through the handle and free your hands in order to answer the phone, hold the umbrella, read the newspaper or cuddle your little friend.


Divo Leash Compact Form  

Italian designed and created with the finest raw materials throughout to guarantee utmost comfort, durability and styling.


Luxury Packaging

A precious gift to your loved ones.

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